The Digital Digest (DD)

The Digital Digest (DD) is the MENA region's digital economy news aggregator. It provides professionals with the latest news and research on the state of digital business, policy, and innovation through its daily and weekly broadcast channels. DD also works with institutions and startups on market and intelligence research to help achieve their business goals and is currently building 'Neuron', a market intelligence dashboard. The Digital Digest was founded in 2018 and currently operates in both Arabic and English and reaches the top decision-makers in the market daily.

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'Neuron' by Digital Digest is a market intelligence dashboard that aggregates the best-in-class data, reports, insights, and news from around the market and allows professionals to only pay for the data they consume instead of hefty subscriptions. The product is still in its alpha phase and is available in English only.

The Team | الفريق

Meet our small team | تعرف على فريقنا

Racha Ghamlouch | رشا غملوش
Co-Founder and CEO

Racha has 12+ years of experience in entrepreneurial community activities and programs. She led content, initiatives and programs at ArabNet for 7 years and moved on to build community engagement at BECO capital, after which she switched to building the Digital Digest. Racha is a startup Mentor, and OnDeck Writing Fellow (ODW1). Fun facts: A collector of independent comic books and illustrations, and an avid reader.

Farah Nakouzi | فرح نقوزي
Co-Founder and COO

Farah has 12+ years of experience in communications, events and content creation. She worked with ArabNet, Arab Thought Foundation, and Sadeem (Youtube Show) then joined her long-time friend at the Digital Digest. Farah is a PR graduate, and in 2021 she hosted the first daily tech news podcast in Arabic. Fun facts: A morning person when there's coffee and wishes she could save all stray cats.

Wedian Kahil | وديان كحيل
Account Executive

Wedian has experience in organizing events, procuring, and mentoring participants in entrepreneurial contests. She is an electrical and computer engineering graduate. She was the head of several student communities that drove change in the educational system. Fun facts: A perfectionist, bookworm, and a cat lady