The Team | الفريق

Meet our small team | تعرف على فريقنا

Racha Ghamlouch | رشا غملوش

10 years of experience in community development, events, and content creation. She led content, initiatives and programs at ArabNet for 7 years and moved on to build community engagement at BECO capital, after which she switched to focus on the Digital Digest, a digital business news aggregator and consulting companies on innovation, program and community development.

Farah Nakouzi | فرح نقوزي

communication and social media specialist with more than nine years of experience in building engaged communities on social media, creating and curating multimedia content calendars across channels, managing multimedia teams, and handling internal creative and digital briefings. Over the years she has worked at ArabNet, Arab Thought Foundation, and Sadeem across different Arab countries that provided her with the necessary competencies to deal with people from various cultural backgrounds